UKirk National’s Program Ministry Team is excited to introduce our Leadership Lab summer series of Zoom conversations, beginning with a focus on non-profit management and moving into conversations about ministering to and with college students after (or near the end of) a pandemic.  The Leadership Lab series is being sponsored by the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Office of Christian Formation, with support from the Presbyterian Foundation and Texas Presbyterian Foundation.

Join us for a kick-off mini retreat on May 25 from 1-5pm EDT, and every Tuesday thru July 27th for 1-hour workshops on various topics. One attendee from each session will be entered to win a copy of Mark Elsdon’s new book, We Aren’t Broke; Uncovering Hidden Resources for Mission and Ministry.

Schedule for Tuesday May 25th Kick-Off Event:

Note: all schedule times are listed in EDT. 


Where can I find the Zoom link? You can find the link in the May 18th Network News newsletter, or email Rev. Gini Norris-Lane at [email protected].

Can board members attend?  Yes, Yes, and Yes!  Student leaders? Yes!  Committee members? Yes!  Other campus ministry staff?  YES!

I cannot make it to the whole afternoon. Can I join late? Of course! There is one link for the Leadership Lab mini-retreat, so please join us when you can.

I have an appointment in the middle of the afternoon.  Can I start at 1, leave, then come back after the appointment? Of course!

Will the resources for each workshop be available as handouts? Yes, the resources will be available on the website. Just click on the Leadership Lab link under Resources, and click on the title of the workshop. Both the resources and the recordings for each workshop will be there.  They will also be emailed to attendees after the workshop.

Will this series continue after this summer? We hope so! If there are other topics you would like to learn about, please email let us know by emailing our executive director, Rev. Gini Norris-Lane, at [email protected].