At this critical moment in our nation’s history, and as citizens of both God’s Kin-dom and the United States, we are called again as a people of faith to vote our values as an act of prayer, and thereby play a valuable role in forming a more perfect union for the lives and livelihoods of all people.

We invite you to consider ways in which you can participate in the elimination of racism as part of the in-breaking of the Kin-dom of God: here, now, in our hearts and homes, among our congregations and campuses, and in our country and around the world.

We have work to do.  Please join us in pledging to:

  • Educate: We commit to study and reflect on the history of white supremacy in our country, and how it has affected us and our siblings of color individually, in our communities of faith, and our nation. Through discernment and prayer, we will begin the work of dismantling these inequities in our context and culture by using our voices and platforms to amplify our witness on our campuses. Get started now:
  • Vote: We commit to vote our values of justice and equality, and will encourage others to register and vote as well. Through prayer and discernment, we will reflect on how our vote will affect not only us, but also those who are marginalized in our society. Get started now:
  • Amplify: We commit to taking action to promote justice and equality by encouraging others to register and vote. We will offer our time and effort between now and the election by sharing with others in person and on social media why we are voting, and what we hope for our country. Get started now:

And spread the word! Post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by using #UKirkVotes and tag @ukirknational on Instagram or Ukirk on Facebook. (Graphics to use are found on both platforms as well as below.) Encourage your students and colleagues to take the pledge, too!  When others comment or ask what the pledge is about, share why as a person of faith you are voting, not only for yourself as an individual, but also for the lives and livelihoods of all people.

Other Presbyterian Resources:
Curriculum, Film, and Other Helpful Resources for you to use with your students.
PC(USA) Presbyterian Voting Campaign
This website includes links to voter education resources, voter suppression discussion guides, and 501c3 engagement guidelines and resources for election-related activities.
October Election-Fest for Young Adults of Color
The Racial Ethnic & Women’s Intercultural Ministries Office is hosting this month-long event which is designed to help young adults of color navigate this difficult and critically important election year.