In this season of giving, UKirk Collegiate Ministries Association is giving thanks for all the amazing collegiate ministries in our network even as we plan and dream how to support, equip, and encourage collegiate ministries in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 2020 and beyond. As a new 501c3, we are excited to share that starting in January, all in the UKirk Network should look for…

  • Resources for board development and fundraising
  • Curriculum helps
  • Ideas for how to start a UKirk collegiate ministry
  • Mental health resources
  • The Arts & Justice Competition with
  • Registration for our National Gathering July 26-29, 2020
  • A brand new website, and so much more!

To support our work, on Giving Tuesday December 3rd, we invite you to give a donation in honor of a collegiate minister, UKirk-related ministry or current college student you know and love. And share the impact they have made in your life using the #UKirkGivingTuesday on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. (Use one of the social media examples below, or create your own!)

To donate, use the link below or download the GivePlus Mobile App and search Ukirk Collegiate Ministries and give on your phone. Together, let us spread our appreciation of the amazing work college ministers do and support the UKirk Network’s efforts to strengthen collegiate ministry throughout the nation!

Click here to GIVE NOW

Social Media Examples:

Giving thanks today for ______, the world’s best campus [email protected]_______. Grateful for you and ____________ while I was in college. I gave a donation in your honor to support UKirk so other campus ministers can have the same kind of support you gave me! #UKirkGivingTuesday

Giving thanks today for _______, the best campus ministry in the world! So grateful for the love and community I had in [email protected]_______. If you know any college students who need a home away from home, connect them with, which is the organization I am supporting with my own gift today. #UKirkGivingTuesday

Giving thanks for _______ who is going to school at ________! Prayers rising as you head into the last few weeks of the semester. In your honor, I gave a donation to support UKirk Collegiate Ministries Association. #UKirkGivingTuesday