UKirk Ministries are Presbyterian ministries. That doesn’t mean they are only for
Presbyterian students or campus ministers. Anyone is welcome in these communi-
ties. But it does mean that UKirk ministries strive to be distinctly Presbyterian.

Like most Christians throughout history, Presbyterians affirm the faith articulated in
the Nicene Creed and Apostles Creed. We believe that God created the heavens and the
earth, that Jesus had a human mother like all of us, that he was uniquely related to God
in a way that is not true about any of the rest of us, that he lived an exemplary life, was
unjustly betrayed and executed, was as dead as we will all be, was resurrected on Easter,
and remains our living Lord.

Presbyterians are distinguished by the particular ways we live out our faith in Jesus.
We don’t claim to be the only Christians who emphasize the elements of Christian faith
discussed below, but we do believe that these common emphases and themes mark us as
distinctive in the Christian family.

The Presbyterian Mission Agency Office of Christian Formation has partnered with UKirk to offer this series of
Bible Studies based on one Presbyterian Chaplain’s suggestion of ten reasons Presbyterians are the way we are.

Presbyterians are the way we are because Presbyterians are Christians who believe:


1. Studying the Bible prayerfully and together helps us figure out which things matter more than other things.

2. Grace happens.

3. God’s grace invites response.

4. God gave us brains and expects us to use them.

5. We are beloved, gifted, capable, and safe. Already. Right now.

6, God calls us to be on the side of the ones who are having the hardest time.

7. Nobody’s perfect.

8. There’s more Holy Spirit in a bunch of us than in any single one of us.

9. God isn’t finished.

10. God’s love is not limited to our particular faith community.


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