Journeying with college students as they follow Christ.

The Mission of UKirk is to connect and empower those who lead, support, and advocate for collegiate and higher education ministries. Specifically, the vision is to:

Encourage and enable relationships between PCUSA and Cumberland Presbyterian campus, congregational, and chaplain ministries.

Promote the sharing of resources, models, and best practices.

Coordinate and facilitate events for collegiality and continuing education.

Advocate and interpret the mission of collegiate and higher education ministry to the church, encouraging prayer, participation and support.

Connect with other PCUSA or church-related ministries.

Welcome to the UKirk Network Registration. Although all PCUSA and PCUSA associated ministries are automatically considered part the UKirk Network, each ministry must register (or re-register) to be recognized by the Office of Collegiate Ministry and the UKirk Network, regardless of your branding status.


UKirk Daily is an app that offers two Biblical passages and a prayer. It was created to encourage collegiate students and young adults to develop a regular practice of connecting with God through listening (reading) and speaking (prayer). In both it’s design and interface, it really couldn’t be more simple.

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Lord, hear our prayers for our nation, first responders, government officials, peacemakers, and all who are afraid this day. Grant those with the power to stop all violence and bring peace the wisdom and courage to do so. If you find you do not even have the words to begin, may Psalm 46 and other resources from the BCW help guide you. ...

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Thanks to @arisegmu for kicking us off with today’s #Advent reflection. You can still print a PDF of the whole Words for Waiting devotional, or visit for daily blog posts through January 6. This year’s contributors represent 24 UKirk-network ministries (plus a few other friends too) and we’re excited for you to hear from each of them in the coming weeks. ...

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Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving break! ...

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In the midst of everything else going on this week, you miiight not be in Advent or Christmas mode quite yet. But, we’re proud to say that this year’s edition of Words for Waiting is officially available! These daily devotions for the seasons of Advent and Christmas feature contributors from 24 different UKirk-network ministries, plus some neighbors from other parts of the Church. To learn more, head to and click on the Words for Waiting banner. ✨ ...

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Maryville College celebrated Homecoming October 16-18, 201 years after its founding in Maryville, TN! Because of COVID-19, Chaplain Rev. Dr. Anne McKee was not able to see alumni in person, but held the Alumni Church Professionals Gathering and Bonner Alumni Reunion virtually for Scots around the country to gather. One of those alumni is UKirk National’s Co-Moderator @lenturnerscales, Presbyterian Chaplain at Princeton University, who is grateful now to have Anne as a colleague, and is thankful for her mentorship during college that provided space to explore the intersection of faith and social justice. For more campus ministry info at Maryville click the link on our bio. ...

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Hey folks! Are you subscribed to our UKirk e-Newsletter? If you haven't gotten a chance yet check it out! Link in our bio. ...

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We the Board of UKirk Collegiate Ministries Association affirm that:

God Created Us All
God Loves Us All
Racism is a Sin
There is no Peace without Justice
Black Lives Matter

We invite you and the whole UKirk National Network – as individuals and organizations – to also endorse these values and engage in the work and practice of eliminating racism. To read the full statement and to join us click on link in our bio.

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@preshouse GatherTown at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a new virtual space for students to meet each other and participate in the community at Pres House. People move their avatars around the different rooms to engage with others as they get closer to them. Students can go to small groups, bible studies, worship, play games, or just hang out with others.

Submit your UKirk story by emailing [email protected] or by going to link in our bio.

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UKirk at Southern Methodist University is using their Pivot Grant to start a new webinar series on the intersection of faith and justice, and college students from anywhere are invited to join. To learn more and stay up to date about the rest of their series, head over to @ukirksmu

Submit your UKirk story by emailing [email protected] or clicking link in our bio.

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Today is the last day to register for Racism 101 & Organizing Training event next Tuesday, September 29th from 7-9PM Eastern. Here is a bit more info about the training and who can come.

This 2-hour training led by trainers from The Open Table KC will focus both on WHAT systemic racism is, but also HOW your group can organize to work for racial justice in your campus context. Each participant will come away with a set of tools they can use to organize and implement anti-racism programs in and for your campus community. (

It would be ideal if 2-4 people from each campus could attend (that could even be 2-4 students or yourself and a colleague), yet it is also totally fine to have just 1 or more than 4 attend as well. It is open to all students who are interested in learning how to address systemic racism, not just your “official" student leadership.

The deadline for registration is TODAY, September 24th (at midnight Pacific Time); link to register in our bio.

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