Andy Ackerman

When he was a Mathematical Science major at Clemson University, Andy Ackerman was a part of the Clemson Presbyterian Student Association, a UKirk campus ministry of Fort Hill Presbyterian Church and Foothills Presbytery.  Clemson PSA is “a diverse community of faith, which strives to apply the love of Jesus Christ by fostering relationships with God, others and ourselves.  By using our own gifts and talents, we challenge each other to grow, worship, serve, and play in the Clemon community and beyond.”

His favorite college memory was from Sophomore year.  He went with his friends Brad, Sam and Mason to Mason’s apartment for dinner.  They hung out, ate burgers, and listened to Mason and Brad play around with the guitar and mandolin.  “They kept adapting to each other’s sound and it was the purest form of spontaneity I have ever experienced.” After graduation, he entered a Ph.D. program in Statistics at UNC Chapel Hill.