December 17, 2023

Read Luke 1:46b-55.

Awaking to Joy

Have you ever been jolted out of bed by a weird dream or noise? This happens more times than I would like to admit. Most of the time it’s because the events of the day (corruption, eliminated rights, wars, and scandals) are wearing heavily on my heart and mind, and I find myself dreaming and being in the center of it all. I wish I could view the world with Joy the same way Mary said yes to carrying the child of God. She saw the good in a very scary situation (being pregnant and not married). Trying to find the joy in the bad is hard, but it is possible. What is snuffing out the joy in your life? Is it school? Relationships? Debt? The Future? All those things will play out. I encourage you to listen to that small voice that is giving you a sense of hope. The voice that is giving you courage. The voice that can bring you joy even when the world is stacked up against you. Think about Mary’s courage to say yes. Where do you need to find joy in the midst of anguish to say yes to what God is calling us to do and be? How can you be awakened by the small joys in life? See the good, try to be positive, look and experience JOY!


Creator, give me the strength to say yes in adversity, when the nightmares of today’s society keep waking me up. Give me the courage to say yes when I feel defeated. Give me the ability to see the joy when I and the world need it the most!

Mich Phillips Director of Congregational and Education Ministries, The Kirk (Kansas City, MO)