December 21, 2023

Read Hebrews 1:1-4.

In today’s passage, we see that God speaks to us in different ways over time. In the Old Testament, prophets often spoke on God’s behalf. In Advent, we wait with anticipation for a new way of God speaking into our lives. Jesus comes without fanfare or printed birth announcements. He is revealed originally in small moments to only a few people. Nevertheless, God has entered the world as a human! This is truly astonishing news. We may not have Jesus with us on earth today in the same way as he was two thousand years ago, but we have a record of many of his teachings. We can learn a lot about how to live through the stories of Jesus, who is both fully human and fully God. Being in a community of faith can also give us new insight into how to understand the Word of God.

So keep awake! What ways might God use to speak to us today? Be it a wise word from a friend, an enlightening scripture passage, or a surprisingly meaningful post on social media, pay attention. God is speaking into the world even now.


Holy God, we thank you for the ways you communicate your love and grace. Help us watch for you in this Advent season, and wait joyfully for the gift of your Son. Amen.

Rev. Erin Tolar
Resident Pastor, Myers Park Presbyterian Church (Charlotte, NC)