December 22, 2023

Read Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26.

I have a penchant for never getting enough sleep. That means I’m always tired. Some days that tiredness really catches up to me, and all I want to do is lie down. But the busyness of life rarely allows for that, so I must find a way to push through the fog of tiredness and do what I need to do. The best way I’ve found to do this is to focus on a goal, whether that be finishing a task for work or loading the dishwasher. The goal might also be a bit more vague, like: give my wife a few minutes to rest, encourage my kids to work hard even when they don’t want to, love my neighbor.

The beginning verses of Psalm 89 have the feel of someone reminding themselves of the goal of a spiritual life with God. “I will sing of the Lord’s loyal love forever. I will proclaim your faithfulness with my own mouth from one generation to the next.” It’s easy to fall asleep in our faith and lose track of where we’re going and what we’re called to do. But the Psalmist reminds us of God’s love for us, which is also our call to love others. As we draw near to Christmas, may the celebration of Christ’s birth waken our faith from its sleep. And may the love of God empower us to love our neighbors.


Loving God, open our hearts and minds to your love. Awaken us to a world desperately in need of your love. May your love be incarnated in our flesh, that it might shine like a star in the night. Amen!

Rev. Jeffrey Fiet
Co-Pastor, First Presbyterian Church (Scottsbluff, NE)