December 24, 2023

Read John 1:1-14.

Today’s passage is one that highlights dichotomies, acknowledging heavy realities and reminding us that the love of God shall not be overcome. The way the Word, the Light, is described feels a bit like magic with its eternal presence. But the other side of the description is a tangible God.

The Message translation of John 1:14a reads: “The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.” This helps Jesus feel really human, not just something magical and mystical and distant. During Advent we pay special attention to God With Us. This passage invites us to think of God in a big picture, ALL of creation way, but also an intimate, in our own backyard sort of way. This closeness of God isn’t just to reframe the world in color to make us feel good, but to illuminate a path of hope so that we might be inspired to live with generous love.


Holy Light, illuminate our every step. Show us the grace with which you are shaping the world around us. Renew our hope so that we might offer it to the world, moving together from despair to delight. Amen.

Rev. Allison Maus
Associate Pastor for Campus Ministry, State College Presbyterian Church & PSF at Penn State