December 26, 2023

Read Psalm 148.

December 26 begins the strange and stretchy days in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You may forget the day of the week. You may forget how many days are left in winter break. You may even forget to “keep awake,” and take that monster nap you’ve been looking forward to after Christmas. Perhaps the refrain “Praise God!” can serve as an anchor during this time.

As you read today’s psalm, pick out a few images that you will likely see this week. When you see the sun and moon and bright stars, praise God and invite them to praise God too. Is there snow outside, or fire in the fireplace, or wind blowing the tree branches? Praise God and invite the snow and fire and wind along. The animals you see — wild or tame — they too can be invited to praise God with you throughout the week. Sea monsters do not know what day of the week it is, and yet even the sea monsters are invited to praise our Creator.

Keep awake to the beauty, diversity, and majesty of God’s creation. Keep awake to the ways God strengthens God’s people. Keep awake to the ways you are close to God. Enjoy your winter break, little monsters, and praise God.


Gracious God, your majesty is above earth and heaven. And I am here in my pajamas without a clue as to the day of the week, praising you with deep sighs of contentment. Fill me with gratitude for your mountains, every single hill, fruit trees, and every single cedar. Thank you for loving me, just as I am. Receive my praise. Amen.

Rev. Beatrix Weil

Chaplain, Rhodes College