I Give Thanks for You!

Have you had a version of this conversation: a junior or senior student at your university finds your worship service and bible study, and says their version of “I wish I would have found out about your ministry earlier in college because I’ve been wanting to find a Christian community that is more _______ and I just didn’t think it existed.”

I heard a version of this story yesterday when talking to a UKirk network minister, which was ironic because I had just re-read Trinity Torres UKirk Story “UKirk Changed My Life” earlier this week on our new UKirk App! (Check it out if you haven’t already.)

Every single collegiate minister throughout the network that I have talked to this semester has shared a student’s story similar to Trinity’s…similar to two seniors who attended worship at one of our congregations this past week and said, in effect, “Where have you been all my life.” Because every single ministry throughout the UKirk Network are walking alongside students whose lives are being transformed because they are experiencing the love of God in powerful ways through YOUR Christian community. They are finding hope and strength, peace and passion, forgiveness and grace that is helping them see themselves as God sees them – as beloved children of God. 

As we prepare to break for the Thanksgiving holiday, know that I give thanks for each of you and all the hours, texts, programs, meals, worship services, cups of coffee and conversations you have with students because it is through these things and so many more that they begin to see themselves as loved and beloved. It is through these that they are welcomed home to a community of faith where they belong.

From the bottom of my heart and God’s, THANK YOU!

Blessings and joy,