January 5, 2024

Read Luke 6:27-31.

It is easy when reading this passage to focus on what is individually being asked of us as followers of Jesus. That we must love our enemies, despite that being life-shatteringly hard. That we must give unconditionally, and in turn not seem to care about our own basic needs. This self-sacrificing focus has been upheld as nobility, and often shaped a narrative that having basic human needs is a flaw. But, this is not what Jesus is sharing. He says, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” The implication is not an individual plan of action, but a radical restructuring of community. We should all seek to do good to one another, we should all give one another clothing and food. We should all communally care for one another. This call is not a small one. It demands that we radically reshape our way of being, and it demands that of us all. Because only in totally reshaping our communities can we thrive as the body of Christ. When voices shout out that success is individual growth, we must instead recenter the voices that call us into this new way of being — the kin-dom of God.


God who is three-in-one, give us the strength to fight the shouts of individualism that draw us into isolation and apart from your creation. Replace them with the song of your kin-dom, a harmonious community that reflects your desire of dignity and joy for all. In the name of one who broke down barriers and reshaped worldviews, we pray. Amen.

Kate Trigger Duffert

Director of General Assembly Planning,

PC(USA) Office of the General Assembly