January 6, 2024

Read Matthew 2:1-12. 


The stars align

A path made clear

Love made manifest

So hope defeats fear


Liberation is coming

Freedom is here

God in our midst

Brings peace, love, and cheer


Awaken to God’s glory

Your gifts will soon appear

When you share them freely

God’s kindom will be near



God of great awakenings, thank you for the ways that you guide us, whether it be through stars or signs, friends, or other forms of revelation. Help us to awaken to your glory within and around us. Help us to know, to name, and to live into our gifts, so that we might, in turn, help others do the same. Forgive us for the times that we shrink ourselves for fear of what you might ask of us, and empower us to show up fully and boldly in all the places where you call us. We pray in Jesus name, amen. 

Ekklesia Campus Ministry

Missouri State University & Ozarks Technical College

Springfield, MO