New Study Available!

We are pleased to share that the Presbyterian Mission Agency Office of Christian Formation has partnered with UKirk to offer a new, 4-lesson study called “Promise and Possibility: The Movement of the Spirit through Generation Z.” Written by Lorenzo A. Watson (Interim CEO/President for the Christian Community Development Association), Rev. Will Norman (Campus Minister at the Presbyterian Student Center at the University of Georgia), and Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman (Ekklesia Ecumenical Ministry at Missouri State University), each lesson invites participants to reflect on the gifts emerging adults offer the church and the world, the challenges this generation of young adults are facing, the biblical and theological foundations of ministry with young adults, and the spiritual formation journey college students take from 18-25. Engaging both scripture and current research trends on Generation Z, participants are invited to ask God how they are invited to care and support college students during this pivotal time in life.

This 4-session study would be a great way for congregations, small groups, and campus ministry leadership teams to more deeply explore ministry with and to Gen Z.

Promise and Possibility Curriculum