New Resources!

The work of collegiate ministry is deep and broad, and can often be difficult to explain to congregations, volunteers, and even each generation of student leadership. Not only WHAT we do can vary day to day, but also HOW we do it can change from semester to semester. Yet WHY we do it is deeply grounded in our biblical and theological roots, as well as an understanding of the emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of young adults.

The Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Office of Christian Formation and UKirk National now have materials for you to use to help churches, volunteers and leaders understand the breadth and depth of your ministry!

A graphic with the 8 Hallmarks of a UKirk Student Ministry.

A handout that includes Scripture and examples for each hallmark you can use for training.

A powerpoint presentation you can personalize with specifics from your ministry to show how this hallmark has come to life in your UKirk Network Ministry.