October 25, 2023

Lamentations 2:8-15

8   The LORD determined to lay in ruins
          the wall of daughter Zion;
    he stretched the line;
          he did not withhold his hand from destroying;
    he caused rampart and wall to lament;
          they languish together.

9   Her gates have sunk into the ground;
          he has ruined and broken her bars;
    her king and princes are among the nations;
          guidance is no more,
    and her prophets obtain
          no vision from the LORD.

10  The elders of daughter Zion
          sit on the ground in silence;
    they have thrown dust on their heads
          and put on sackcloth;
    the young girls of Jerusalem
          have bowed their heads to the ground.

11  My eyes are spent with weeping;
          my stomach churns;
    my bile is poured out on the ground
          because of the destruction of my people,
    because infants and babes faint
          in the streets of the city.

12  They cry to their mothers,
          “Where is bread and wine?”
    as they faint like the wounded
          in the streets of the city,
    as their life is poured out
          on their mothers’ bosom.

13  What can I say for you, to what compare you,
          O daughter Jerusalem?
    To what can I liken you, that I may comfort you,
          O virgin daughter Zion?
    For vast as the sea is your ruin;
          who can heal you?

14  Your prophets have seen for you
          false and deceptive visions;
    they have not exposed your iniquity
          to restore your fortunes,
    but have seen oracles for you
          that are false and misleading.

15  All who pass along the way
          clap their hands at you;
    they hiss and wag their heads
          at daughter Jerusalem;
    “Is this the city that was called
          the perfection of beauty,
          the joy of all the earth?


God of Grace and Mercy, I come today into this time of prayer tired, sad, disoriented, and hurting. I resonate with the words of the passage that say my eyes are spent with weeping. Sometimes the darkness around me feels like it’s closing in and I wonder if I’ll be overcome. And then I remember that you hear this prayer before I can even pray it. You are as close as my next breath and there is nothing that I might face that is greater than you. And just for this moment, I can breathe again. I will still need to cry, but I’ll cry knowing you are right there with me. Thank you. Amen. 

Written by Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman (she/her), Campus Minister

Ekklesia at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO.

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