UKirk E-News May 9, 2024

We have all heard about the protests that have and are taking place on college campuses around the country, many on the campuses you serve. I am proud of the many ways you have born witness in person and online, stood vigil in prayer, embodied a faith that seeks not only to proclaim peace but work for peace here and around the world.

Rev, Rachel Penmore (UKirk UTK) penned this prayer for you….for your students…..for our world. May you find a place in her words.

Holy One
God of our raised voices and broken hearts
The world is on fire
And we aren’t sure we have the courage to follow you
But we are not the first to feel the call
We follow the red sea road forged in the steps of millions
Who know that the Beloved community is not meant to live this way.

And so, we will not turn away from the death and destruction of this world
We will tune our ears to hear your grace
To hear your call as repairers of the breach
We will restore the streets we live in in every corner of this earth
Because no child of God deserves to live buried under fear.

We will put our feet to pavement
And lift our voices with our neighbors
To speak for those who no longer have a voice
For those silenced by explosions and gunfire
For those desperate for a way out
For those trapped in systems of their own making
For those who have become collateral damage.
We cannot be quiet anymore
We cannot pretend this isn’t happening.

God of the rolling waters of justice
Grant us hearts of peace
As we march, write, speak, hope, pray, lament,
And bear witness to what is happening to your people.
May our protest be our prayer
May we be so moved by the Spirit that we cannot help but take our part
Driven by love
Inspired by peace
Rooted in the revolutionary Beloved community of God. Amen.