UKirk Network Ministries Demographic Survey Due March 1st

UKirk is excited that we are being invited more often to share the impact your ministries are having at colleges and universities across the country! What this has made us realize, though, is that it would be helpful to have some basic data to help us articulate the reach of the national network.

Can you help by taking 2-3 minutes to fill out a brief survey by March 1st? 

For those who need a sneak peak at the questions to begin thinking about it before submitting, they are:

1, If you receive financial support from PC(USA) congregations, presbyteries or synods, has that funding increased, decreased, or stayed the same over the last 5 years? If so, by how

2. Approximately how many years has your college ministry existed?

3. How many years have you served in this particular collegiate ministry context?

4. Does your ministry serve free meals to students? If so, how often? (Weekly, monthly, occasionally, etc…)

5. Does your ministry have a food pantry of any kind, or a place for students to grab meals or snacks on their own throughout the week?

6. Do you consider your UKirk Network ministry to be an open and affirming Christian ministry?

7. Not including your ministry, how many other Christian ministries are on your campus?

8. How many open and affirming Christian ministries are on your college campus?

9. How many religious/spiritual groups are on your campus?

10. Does your ministry participate in service, mission, or justice activities on or off campus?

11. How many student leaders, if any, does your ministry have?

12. What is your approximate total attendance this year (including all program areas)?

13. Does your ministry provide affordable housing for students during the academic year?

14. (Optional) Do you have an exciting program or story you would specifically like us to share with the larger church? You can type it here or email Gini at [email protected], and she will put it in future publications.