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In a few weeks, we are excited to announce that our UKirk App will be fully functional and ready for primetime! But if you, like me, don’t like waiting (and can be patient while we work out some bugs), our UKirk Daily prayer portion of our website and app is up and running and has already become a daily spiritual touchstone that I use to ground myself in God’s heart and love.

Each day you will find a scripture passage and prayer written by someone from our network with YOU in mind. Campus ministers, students, chaplains, and UKirk alum are just a few of the voices you will find inviting you to, just for a moment, be still and know that God is. (There is also a link to all the daily lectionary passages for each day)

A HUGE thank you goes out to Hannah Lundberg (University of Michigan), Allison Wehrung (Ole Miss), Neil Myer (Michigan State), Maggie Alsup (Lyon College), Michelle Scott-Huffman (Missouri State), Emily Rhodes (Virginia Tech) and Matt Frease (Florida State) who have already written for UKirk Daily.

Let me know if you or someone you know would like to participate in this truly meaningful way to stay grounded amidst the whirlwind of activity which is collegiate ministry.

May this prayer from Michelle Scott-Huffman from today’s UKirk Daily help center you in God’s grace and love this day.

God, I long to hear you call me beloved. I long to know that my words and actions are pleasing to you, and yet, I get so wrapped up in the judgments of the world around me, working for adoration and recognition where it is fleeting. Help me to live like Jesus, to serve like Jesus, and more and more each day, to love like Jesus. Let me, too, be a beacon of hope to anyone who feels outside your promise. Amen.