Why Presbyterians Are Like That Bible Study Resource

One of the special things about each UKirk Network Ministry is that, in some way, each of them are connected to the Presbyterian Church(USA). Sometimes that means the ministry is ecumenical (or supported by 2 or more Christian denomination), and one of the partners is a PC(USA) congregation. Other ministries are congregation-based, or housed and supported by one particular Presbyterian Church. Still others are 501c3 non-profit organizations with connections to Presbyterian congregations, donors, board members, and even presbyteries and synods. We also have ministries that are part of a chaplains office at one of our 54 Presbyterian related colleges and universities.

Put a different way, someone once said that UKirk campus ministries are “By Presbyterians for ALL students,” and that is true! We strive for every UKirk ministry to be a Christian community where students from every faith background or none at all will be welcomed to experience and explore God’s all-inclusive love.

But what about this Presbyterian part? What do Presbyterians believe? Why Presbyterians are Like That is a series of Bible Studies intended to help participants think about why Presbyterians are the way we are. Like most Christians throughout history, Presbyterians affirm the faith articulated in the Nicene Creed and Apostles Creed. Presbyterians are distinguished by the particular ways we live out our faith in Jesus. We don’t claim to be the only Christians who emphasize the elements of Christian faith discussed in this bible study, but we do believe that these common emphases and themes mark us as distinctive in the Christian family.

A huge thanks goes to Rev. Dr. John Williams, Chaplain and Director of Church Relations at Austin College, the author of this study, and the Presbyterian Mission Agency Office of Christian Formation who partnered with UKirk to develop this resource. Feel free to choose the lessons you are most interested in, or to use the study as a whole.

Why Presbyterians are Like That Full 10-Session Study