UWORSHIP: Meditations on Luke 4:1-13

SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 Luke 4:1-13


MEDITATION: If we too narrowly define “temptation” as the enticement to perverse or unethical behavior, then we set a low bar for the meaning of virtue by simply steering clear of the worst offenses. When we build up our own integrity by comparing ourselves to the people we judge as despicable human beings, then we avoid setting the higher bar that comes through aligning ourselves with Christ. “Temptation” is a spiritual practices that goes deeper than deciphering between right and wrong. In Luke’s telling of Jesus’ temptation we see him wrestling with his core identity. It is an intense struggle to discover what God is calling him to do and who God is calling him to be. Will he be distracted in his search by pangs of hunger? Will he be swayed by power and crowd-pleasing? Will he test God? Through prayerful discernment, Jesus is able to answer these questions and the answers help him to clarify and embrace his life’s calling. The college years present some obvious temptations, but the life of faith is a larger calling then just saying “no,” to sex or drugs or using poor judgment on social media. Saying “no” to temptation is a whole-hearted endeavor to say “YES” to all that God is calling us to do and be.

FOR DISCUSSION: What tempts or distracts you from being or doing the person God is calling you to be? How does following Christ make you a different person then you would otherwise be?

LINKS/OTHER RESOURCES: This lesson plan comes from a youth ministry site, but it would work well for college students too. WHO GOD SAYS YOU ARE