UWORSHIP: Meditations on Luke 8:26-39

NOVEMBER 12, 2017 Luke 8:26-39


MEDITATION: I have no point of reference for understanding the horror named “Legion” or the hell they created for the man whose body they inhabited. It is extraordinarily creepy to imagine a herd of demon-possessed pigs hurling themselves into a lake and drowning. Despite the eeriness, I’m led to wonder if there are forces in my life that prevent me from drawing close to Jesus. I am clothed and in my right mind and I do not have to contend with superlative evil, but my need for the healing power of Jesus is as great as the need represented by this man from Gerasene. The things that disrupt my spiritual growth are often subtle. Even a “little white lie” can be destructive and insidious if it distracts me from the love of Christ. I may miss the grace and mercy Jesus offers me if I too quickly dismiss my need as too small or insignificant. Legion was a more destructive force than most any of us will face, but if Jesus can defeat all those demons, then rest assured, Jesus can heal whatever we bring. It’s a simple three-word prayer: Help me Jesus.

FOR DISCUSSION: What creates spiritual distance between you and Jesus? What would it mean for Jesus to defeat and reorder the destructive chaos in your life?

LINKS/OTHER RESOURCES: Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community, Spiritual formation kit (commentary by elder, Dan Frayer-Griggs)